Project Management & Consulting Services 

With an experience of 20+ years in the field of Civil Engineering and Infrastructure Development, we provide best in class Project Management & Consulting Services.

Water Supply Schemes

The provision of water is an integral part of the survival of human settlements, both in urban and rural areas. A consistent water supply leads to a stable citizenry with decent quality and optimal quantity. We enable urban & rural water supply schemes to be sustainable in their planning. We include techno-commercial feasibility analysis, demand evaluation, growth planning, topographical surveying, hydraulic design, cost & quantity estimation, project management consultancy, strategic area planning, cost & quality monitoring, billing & estimation services, and commissioning of the urban & rural water supply projects. 

Underground Drainage Schemes

The development of human ecosystems has led to large amounts of wastewater being created. To preserve ecological equilibrium and sustainability, the management and proper treatment of wastewater is important. We design suitable sewerage networks starting with the study of the current sewerage network, analysis of needs, topographical survey, geotechnical analysis, hydraulic modeling, comprehensive project report planning, sewage treatment plant, pumping station design, and project management consultancy.

River Front Development

Rivers are environmental arteries. The construction of riverfronts offers urban spaces an architectural and recreational appeal. In order to protect river ecology and bio-diversity, we provide the following services for the preparation of comprehensive project report & project management consultancy: current river reconstruction, riverfront enhancement, topographical survey, hydraulic analysis, historical flood data research & analysis, beautification schemes, landscaping, recreational & business activities development, retaining walls design & bank protection, etc. 

Storm Water Drainage Scheme

The need for efficient storm water management has been created by urban development and subsequent urban sprawl. We provide the following services for the preparation of a comprehensive project report & project management consultancy. Review of current city storm water management data, analysis of historical rainfall data and plotting of IDF curves, topographical survey, location, hydraulic modeling, detailed hydraulic modeling, detailed design & estimation, assistance in appointment of execution agencies, billing management, etc. 

Lift Irrigation Scheme

We provide consulting services to plan, design, construct, operate, and manage GIS and Hydraulic Model-driven piped water distribution networks and lift irrigation schemes.

Road and Highway Development 

Good quality roads are a staple of developing countries. Traffic analysis, topographical surveys, preparation of L-section & Cross-section drawings, quantity survey & detailed estimate, assistance for executing agency collection, billing management, etc. are the services we provide for the preparation of DPR & Project Management Consultancy for rural & urban roads and highways.

Survey and GIS Mapping

We have expertise in data collection, analysis, and modeling techniques through extensive surveying, mapping, and geographic information systems (GIS) services. By providing reliable, precise, and up-to-date information and data on location, borders, topography, and legal descriptions of property, we support customers across all sectors. To make informed decisions, we work closely with our clients and apply the necessary strategies and cost-effective solutions to their projects.

City Development Plan

To ensure sustainability, urban planning is a crucial step. We include comprehensive services such as demographic survey, data collection of various components such as household survey, social infrastructure, and services, population forecast, stakeholder participation and consultation, financial modeling, GIS-based mapping, planned land use planning, etc., for the preparation of urban development plans.

Solid Waste Management

We provide elaborate services for the preparation of a thorough project report: stakeholder consultation for municipal solid waste planning, ODF population data collection, land use, etc. & review, field administrative pattern data collection, demographic study, ecological study, waste collection & transport process, financing pattern, IEC consultation, MSW plan, etc.

Garden and Landscaping Design

We provide services for designing, rendering natural landscapes for municipal, private gardens, townships, and riverfront development projects.

Building Projects

Building projects consultancy is our new vertical. We provide comprehensive solutions for Residential, Commercial, Industrial & Institutional buildings including but not limited to design development & coordination, appointment of architects, design consultants, planning and scheduling, estimating and costing, bid management and appointment of contractors, construction management and quality control, bill checking and certification, site safety management and handover of projects.